Medical Center "Nova Clinic" offers a wide range of services for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the colon, rectum and perineum. Diagnostic tests and minor surgical interventions are performed in endoscopy office equipped with the latest generation of medical equipment. Reception is conducted by an experienced doctor, a proctologist.

Due to the use of modern endoscopic equipment in our clinic, errors in the diagnosis of diseases of the lower intestine are practically excluded. Treatment with innovative technologies is painless and does not require staying at hospital.

Our experts

Tkachenko Fedot Gennadievich Surgeon-proctologist, highest category, candidate of medical sciences.


Консультация проктолога 350 грн
Консультация проктолога ведущий специалист 400 грн
Схема лечения 300 грн
Первязка (гнонойня) 180 грн
Перевязка (чистая) 120 грн
Тромбэктомия геморроидального узла 1650 грн
Электрокоагуляционное (биполярное)удаление геморроидальных узлов 2000 грн
Лигирование геморроидальных узлов 4500 грн
Аноскопия 120 грн
Ректоманоскопия 200 грн