Day hospital

Day hospital is a modern form of medical care that is applied to patients who do not require full-time surveillance. This type of medical services uses modern methods and technologies, which makes it possible to receive qualified medical care in the required volume in a short period of time.

The popularity of the "day hospital" service is explained by the fact that in an outpatient setting, diagnostic and treatment procedures are carried out, which were possible only in inpatient facilities. This is important with the current intense rhythm of life.

The day hospital provides an opportunity to pass through one day all the necessary diagnostic procedures that would take several days in a traditional polyclinic, or even a week.

During medical manipulations, various complications are possible, the presence of a day hospital allows you to observe the patient and, if necessary, provide emergency medical care.

On the basis of the Clinic Nova there is a day hospital for therapeutic treatment, which is designed to solve the following problems:

  • Providing complex and comprehensive diagnostic studies and therapeutic manipulations. In particular, after hysteroscopy and endoscopy, the patient is recommended to remain under observation for an hour.
  • Selection and correction of the treatment course. The introduction of certain medications requires testing for compatibility and the absence of allergic reactions.
  • Conducting a course of treatment for patients who do not require full-time surveillance.
  • Implementation of comprehensive diagnostic and treatment programs for selected groups (pregnant women, children).
  • Provision of first aid in emergency conditions.

Day hospital Clinic Nova – it is efficiency of modern medical technologies


Внутримышечная инъекция (5 шт) 200 грн
Вызов медсестры на дом 100 грн
Взятие венозной крови для исследования 30 грн
Внутривенная инъекция 80 грн
Внутримышечная инъекция 50 грн
Внутривенная капельная инфузия 120 грн
Внутривенная капельная инфузия (дневной стационар, 1 ч) 200 грн
Дневной стационар (1ч) 350 грн
Анестезиологическое пособие 2 категории сложности 1000 грн
Анестезиологическое пособие 1 категории сложности 850 грн
Медикаментозное лечение 1 категории слодности 50 грн
Медикаментозное лечение 2 категрии сложности 150 грн
Медикаментозное лечение 3 категории сложности 300 грн
Анестезия местная (с учетом стоимости препарата) 30 грн
Анестезия аппликационная 100 грн
Анестезия инфильтрационная 150 грн
Анестезия проводниковая 160 грн