Laser Hair Removal

Fast and safe epilation is carried out on a new generation diode laser MeDioStar NeXT PRO (Germany). The use of modern technologies guarantees 100% safety procedures - without stains, burns and ingrown hairs.
The advantages of laser hair removal in the Nova clinic 

  • Diagnosis of skin problems using modern technologies
  • Hair removal in any area of the skin
  • German technology - up to 60% of hair disappear in one session
  • Rapid hair removal - session time from 5 to 30 minutes
  • For all skin types
  • For any type of hair - including light and fine hair
  • 100% safe - free from stains, burns and ingrown hairs
  • All manipulations are performed by experienced dermatologists
  • Guaranteed result - smooth skin forever!

During epilation you will not feel any discomfort! The built-in cooling system protects the skin from burns, and prevents the occurrence of unpleasant sensations. A large selection of MeDioStar NeXT headpieces solves the problem of epilation of complex areas (upper lip, bikini line and others). And the presence of headpieces with a large zone of exposure allows you to remove unwanted hair from large areas within 20 minutes.

Our experts

Golovina Natalia Valerianovna Doctor-dermatologist of the highest category